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Tortoise Folding Comb from Swissco
White Horn Folding Comb, Fine Tooth From Swissco
Birch Wood Bath Brush from Swissco
Tortoise Wet Comb Wide Tooth from Swissco
Soft Touch Shower Brush Assorted Black, Purple, Pink From Swissco
SoftSoft Touch Shine & Detangling Brush with Flexible Pins & Natural Bristle From Swissco
White Horn Wet Comb, Wide Tooth From Swissco
Suction Cup Mirror 7X from Swissco
Sea Wool Natural Bath Sponge 5 Inch From Swissco
Swissco Tortoise Toothbrush Medium
Satin Sleep Mask Leopard Print From Swissco
Bath & Spa Pillow with Suction Cups from Swissco
Soft Touch Shower Paddle Brush with Flexible Pins From Swissco
Soft Touch Travel Oval Hair Brush Boar Bristle & Flex Nylon Pins From Swissco
Oval Bath Brush from Swissco
Eyebrow Shaping Scissors with Safari Print Slanted Tweezers from Swissco
White Horn Handle Comb, Medium Tooth From Swissco
White Horn Dressing Comb, Medium and Fine Tooth From Swissco
Pfeilring Pocket Manicure Set, Calf Leather, 3pc From Swissco

For over 25 years Swissco has been a premier manufacturer and distributor of Bath & Body, Foot Care Products and Personal Grooming Accessories. We are also the exclusive U.S. distributors for Pfeilring & Titania, both made in Germany. In addition, we are the exclusive U.S. distributor of Acca Kappa Professional Made in Italy, the top of the line and best selling, professional fine wooden brush. Swissco products are top quality affordable bath & body essentials. Whether it is a Back Brush, Comb, Nail Clipper or Loofah, you can be sure it is made to the highest standards.



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